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Welcome to the World! - Kanta Bosniak, Kanta Bosniak

I always thoroughly look forward to reading Kanta Bosniak's insightful words in her books.  They speak to the heart and mind so clearly that I find that I could read them over and over again.  You simply feel the understanding and positivity jump off the pages as you read them.


Talk about melting your heart, I wish I had this book through both of my pregnancies and while they were both small enough to plant seeds of thought.  The idea of passing on positive thoughts and teaching to your unborn child fills your heart with warmth and happiness.  


Kanta's soft and gentle tone with words are used carefully to reflect their true meaning to guide a child's spiritual journey into happiness to be carried on into adulthood.  A lesson many adults have failed to do.  The words are passed on to your child to nourish deeply and their inner thoughts may have a chance against life's obstacles.


I really like how the author uses the book to explain to the young about inside thoughts and those that we speak and how these can have an effect on people.  I love the use of the happy buttons, a tool that people of all ages can do.  There is also a good simple insight at a young age as to why others are sad.


A very easy and enjoyable read as a parent, parent to be or on your own.  Be prepared to smile your way through this book.

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