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Trouble in Paradise - Deborah  Brown
The third book in an excellent series, it's all kicking off in the Keys,  Madison and buddies are knee deep in trouble and have iou's to the big hitters in the area.  How much trouble one lady can land herself in as well as trying to help her friends is unbelievable.  The whole team has to give everything if they are all to survive.
This novel is full of excitement, sexual tension and romances and superbly backed up with humorous quips.  The characters have grown into a very moulded group and their traits shine through.
Another very easy but enthralling read and a lot more going on, odd jobs for the local don, problems of trying to evict troublesome residents and also solve the mystery of a man floating in the local waters.

The women will love the hunks with their dark sides and overprotective nature, with the female characters trying to prove they can live and survive without them, which adds a touch of feminism to the story.  The fast cars, the gun tottering and dodgy characters embellished in a warm weather climate makes a rip roaring read.
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