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The Last Oracle - Delia J. Colvin

I am hooked on the series already and couldn't wait to read the third book, I think you could read this as a stand alone book but you would be missing out on so much of this history between the sheer love between Alex and Valeria and the near death adventures they have had to go through to get to this point in the story.

What we have all been waiting for, the wedding of the soul partners Alex and Valeria, so much deserved after waiting an eternity to be finally together.  Their love is filled with so much genuine warmth it wraps itself around you as you read their story.  Yet tragedy hits with a cruel blow and more of the past comes to light, they find themselves having to confront their fears if they have any chance in the future.  With help of and old friend, the first oracle Myrdd, they must trust his valued wisdom and fate.  But that is not as simple as it sounds as Myrdd was beheaded so they first have to recover him as well as the other immortals to gain the strength on their side they so desperately need,

With Myrdd's guidance will they be able to defeat the jealousy and revenge that is against them? Is Valeria immortal and will she be able to outlive the curse held on her unable to live past her 27th birthday?

If you love romance against all the odds mixed with lots of mythology, then you will absolutely love this series but be warned you may keep telling yourself to read just a little bit more as you get carried away with the adventures.   It did have me flicking back now and then, still getting used to fantasy and mythology, as I didn't want to miss out on one single thing.

The author then leaves us with another side of the story right at the end of the book, teasing us for more of this fast paced series and I cannot wait, love, love, love it!! Book 4 has just been released, so excited to get back into it all over again!!

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