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Hilltop Sunset: A Brynn Bancroft Mystery - Joyce T. Strand

A very enthralling and deep story based on actual events, one persons fear of being stalked by someone who had tried to kill them and her friends. Hilltop Sunset by Joyce T Strand Author will really make you think about how much you protect your family and friends from a danger that you cannot see or distinguish. Imagine feeling on edge and nervous not knowing when an attack could happen at any time. The authors writing will have you feeling all of the emotions as you feel that you are in the thick of the plot.

Just when our heroine thinks she has found a new love and the prospect of rebuilding her life she faces problems that she couldn't envisage, Surrounded by friends who share her past experiences and the FBI trying to trace her stalker the story builds to an exciting climax.

An exciting, page turning read about how one persons actions can have a massive and disturbing effect on a persons life and mind set. Excellently written, a very emotive story showing the good in everyone's nature even when they are faced with danger to their own lives. This definitely keeps the reader enrapt from page 1.

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