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Dyslexic Dick II: The Marine Corps Truly Uncommon Experience - Richard "Dick" W. Kraemer

Dyslexic Dick 2 is a very hard hitting and truly honest account of the author's life from the time he joins the marines, it is an emotional roller coaster full of love, humour and tragedy.  The author has the strength and determination to succeed and not give in and he describes how you will either love or hate him.  He is very loyal to the people he trusts and feels a very strong attachment to his marine corp.  The traits and issues of having Dyslexia are clearly defined and help us understand the nature of the ailment.

I have read a lot of people's life stories but not one which is so totally honest and relieving. The escapades that the author gets himself into without him thinking about the consequences add a lot of humour and you find yourself thinking of the writer as a lovable rogue.

If you like an autobiography with no hold bars and written with total honesty you will love this book.

Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/book-review-dyslexic-dick-marine-corps.html