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1066: What Fates Impose - G.K. Holloway
The novel tells of the build up to the battle of Hastings and the rise of Harold to the English throne. A very well written novel based around historic facts and shows the writers imagination to bring the characters to life as well as adding spice and danger to the story . 
As the King of England is on his death bed and no apparent heir this opens a challenge from the feudal lords of the land and the relatives overseas. The amount of research the author has done into the past creates a truly believable account of the power struggle for the throne.  It draws the reader into a time of turmoil and where loyalty is bought by the biggest bidder. 
An historic novel full of battles , treachery and treaties that have to be made in order to survive.  An in-depth story of possibly one of Britains must unstable periods of English history. 
The authors writing and really good explanations of what was going on throughout England and the concessions that were made to maintain the status quo is first rate.  A must read for anyone who loves their historic novels.
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