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The Jack of Souls - Stephen C. Merlino

The Jack of Souls is not the type of genre I normally read because I tend to have problems following the fantasy world and it's creatures but I have to say that this author has won me over with his novel.

The story line is full of magical spells and beliefs.  Trying to find out a way of breaking the curse his mother had put upon him at birth and when Sir Willard arrives, a knight of fame, Harric's life is suddenly changed.

The language used and descriptive writing is very good.  The scenes and character traits are first rate along with the drive and determination to survive keeps the reader enrapt. Every chapter brings the story together encompassing a different character who is essential for the groups survival.  The whole group each have a different agenda and goal.  As we go through the journey with the group the author explains each individual journey and why their paths have crossed and more importantly why there need each other

A page turning novel with twists and turns.

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