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The Resurrection of Hannah - Kathryne Arnold

The story begins with the building up of the main character, Samantha Clark, her friends, her loves and her emotions at almost reaching 40 and being a private Psychotherapist for so long she now wants more from her life.  Samantha also attends monthly group meetings which delve into spirituality, dreams, outer body experiences, meditations and the like which end up helping her more than she could think.

One night Samantha has a dream, not just any dream, but a dream that is so overwhelmingly physically and mentally vivid, reuniting her spiritually to a male presence that she knows isn't a stranger yet cannot recall him. The dreams continue, yet become stronger, more intense and full of pure love for this man as he starts to send her messages and she finds out the full tragic story of how their lives are entwined and starts her journey in the real world to find the dreadful truth to unlock their spiritual bond so they can be both freed.  This for me is when the book became alive and I found myself wanting to read more and more as the mystery and suspense continued.

For someone who is fascinated with the dream world and the 'other side' I thoroughly enjoyed the read.   There were parts of the book that I was actually imagining myself in Samatha's place, how eerie it must have felt for her at times and would I have had the strength to continue as Samantha did to find out the truth.  The story is easy to follow and as the book progresses the author does a great job getting you hooked.  A great suspenseful read that I'm sure you will enjoy.

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