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Bronze Fox (Rifters Book 1) - Diana Green

This was my first introduction to shape shifters and the rifting world and I couldn't have picked a better read as I had company with the delightful character Etty.

Etty lives a hard underprivileged life, until she meets Tobias, she doesn't know it yet but he is a highly regarded shape shifter.  Not only is Tobias handsome, caring and completely well mannered, he lives an exciting and dangerous life and sees so much potential in Etty that he wants her as his assistant.  With the thought of more money than she could ever imagine, her ill father being cured and the excitement she has only ever dreamed of, how can she refuse.  Yet the decision also lays in the hands of the rifting council, as Etty is from the streets, another class entirely from them, will they welcome her and put the rifting world's safety in her hands?

Whether they do or not (you will have to read it to find out) Etty and I begin our travels into an unknown world together, as she learns I learn,  and it's a brilliant read.  They begin their first mission together in pursue of the children's slave trade gang, passing through unknown portals into different worlds as they go.  In the path of these hunters dangers arise in every corner.

Of course as handsome as Tobias is, there is a special connection between the two, more than being on a mission together, but would that compromise their working together and being successful or do they ignore their hearts for the welfare of their country and the rifting world?  All will be revealed!

A wonderful story that has charm, excitement, some romance and two characters that you cannot fail to love.  I loved Etty and Tobias's relationship and their difference in class, working together to succeed on their very first mission, it had me turning page after page to see what happens next.
Whether your an avid fantasy fan or like me this is your first read of this type of story, I think you will love it.

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