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Kill with a Borrowed Knife: or Agent Ai - Michael Wreford

A page turning novel full of intrigue, double standards, espionage, having to live on the edge and change not only your game plan but your life as well on a daily basis.

The story covers two seperate continents Europe and Asia. The two dominant forces of Russia and China both want a computer programme that controls all the systems in the world.  Meet George Quant the new James Bond who has to work out very quickly who he can and cannot trust  He is also haunted by what happened in Russia where he had to flee from very quickly.

A novel which will ask questions about the worlds computer system, can one programme control or corrupt them and whoever has that programme will they then control the world.  Alongside this we have George who has the programme but who can he trust and give it to.

The intriguing factor about the book is that two different countries with different cultures and beliefs want the same thing and will use whatever methods necessary to achieve that goal.  I think the author has created a character who will be in several more escapades, hopefully!

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