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Company of Stone: A Memoir - John Rixey Moore

After being involved in the Vietnam conflict the author decides to take a walking tour in Scotland to find himself and to recouperate. Unexpectedly he ends up finding a monastery and spends some time with the brothers.  In relaying his thoughts and memoirs you find that wherever you go in the world no matter how big or small the place is you need different characters and beliefs to make the system work .

In reading the writers time in the monastery it sends an important message that everyone needs peace and solace to recharge and be the best you can be, reflection and recollection are important to learn and move on from the mistakes we make.

The second part of the authors journey takes us to Canada and a gold mine were the mindset and characteristics of the workers have a different objective.  This, for me, is what makes the journey and memoirs of this writer an excellent read.

There is alot to take from this book, contemplation, reflection, and making you think about your own life and what you hold dear to yourself and treasure.