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Lights Out!: Helping Your Kids Overcome Their Fear of the Dark - Chad Cramer

A very clever book written using the bible messages as a reminder of why and how we are what we are .This book took me back to my childhood and how my parents taught me what was right and wrong and if I looked inside myself and followed my instinct I would not be wrong. The book also gives excellent examples of how fear can be seen through a small person eyes and solutions to overcome that fear.  The author uses the most common fear of most children the fear of the dark.

Using the scriptures, messages in the bible and the interpretation of those message for use in the modern age is first class. Reading this book reminded me of how I calmed and comforted my children when they were afraid, ie getting them to talk to me about how their day went whilst they were lying in bed before sleep time so no bad thoughts were in their minds and letting them know I was close by and watching over them, just like God does. Some people might not like the theme or messages given by this book but it is amazing how in times of trouble people turn to their faith and ask for answers.I would urge anyone with a young child to read this book.

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