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Acqua Morta (Commissario Martelli) (Volume 1) - Adam Bane

A novel which spans two continents and brings british and Italian police together to solve an interesting and puzzling case.

Meet Commissario Domenico, in my opinion Italy's answer to Scotland's Rebus.  Domenicos is recently retired and is then hired as a PI . Using his contacts, both in and out of the police force, this case takes him on a roller coaster of a ride with danger on every page.  When bodies appear both in Italy and England it brings together two officers investigating two separate cases.

Brilliantly written and touching on the human emotions the writer has created a detective whose lifestyle can be truly believed.  An easy to follow plot with excellent character portrayal's and brilliant descriptions of the little nooks and crannies in Italy.

An enthralling read which keeps the reader guessing and thinking, which is the bases of an impressive detective novel.

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