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Those Children Are Ours - David  Burnett

This is the third book I have read by this author and I have never been disappointed, the way he writes the characters seem to connect with you instantly and you become engrossed in the storyline. Those Children Are Ours was no different and I was faced with a number of emotions throughout this story and a twist that truly had me gasping for breath, it was that intense and completely made this such an awesome read.

Jennie, I admit, had me feeling angry, she was a wife and a mother of two but completely lost her way in life, travelling down a dark path of alcohol and affairs, eventually leaving her family to fend for themselves for 12 years.  Unbeknowst to everyone, even herself,  she had bipolar which had gone untreated and years went by until she connects with a man known as 'the preacher' who turns her towards the right path.  Now on her own, receiving treatment,  teaching and regularly going to church, she decides she wants to see her children, Christa and Alexis again.  This is where my emotions fought against themselves, yes I sympathised with her situation and perhaps even started to warm towards her, especially when you learn about her childhood, yet I still couldn't get past the fact that she had selfishly abandoned her children and suddenly decides, with the encouragement of her counsellor, to apply to see them again just because she wants to without considering what affect this would have on those involved.

The impact of this decision is extremely hard on everyone, obviously more so for both teenagers Christa and Alexis, and the implications surrounding this cause no end of chaos and a shocking turn of events that will have you unable to put the book down.  All the characters are extremely believeable, you will love some and you will hate some (believe me!) and the author had the teenagers feelings and actions down to a 'T'.  This was such a well written book that you cannot fail to feel the characters

An wonderfully written story, full of impact and emotion, that stays with you long after you have finished reading it.

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