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The Anonymous Signal - Erec Stebbins

Say hello to John Savas and his team for the third time. The journey we embark with them takes us into the dark side of the FBI and the tricks of the trade they have to employ to capture the enemy.


This novel is based around the cyber world and how one virus can bring the world to a standstill. When influential Ceo's from several different companies are signalled out and killed John Savas and his team have a race on their hands to not only find the killer but also to stop a worldwide virus affecting the global internet.


The writer takes us on a roller coaster of a ride where John Savas and his team have to defend not only their motives but their actions in chasing and trying to catch the fugitives whilst being investigated by the United States Armed Forces Special Tribune.


Another masterpiece from, in my opinion, a rising writer in the genre of thriller/mystery writing.

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