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Hollow Blood (Sleepy Hollow Horrors, Book 1): The Hunt For the Foul Murderer of Ichabod Crane - Austin Dragon

The author has written an excellent story taking us back in time to 1790 and the murder of Ichabod Crane. What really happened to him, was he killed or did the headless horseman take him and leave his hat as a warning to others.

The main character has been expertly created and with an air of mystery surrounding him and his intentions absorbs the reader into the novel.

Masterful descriptions and an excellent historic background draw the reader into a past era that you can easily imagine yourself being there. All the way through the quest to find out what has happened to Crane and the obstructions and people unwillingness to tell the truth make for an excellent ghost story.

This author and his writing takes me back to my youth when I was interestd legends and loved reading about Dick Turpin, Werewolves and of course Dracula, praise of the author.

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