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Abundance Triggers - Kanta Bosniak

Straight away from the dedication page onwards the book made me feel special and uplifted me.  I knew I must be reading the book at just the right time as some of the terms the author uses at the beginning really hit home and gave me knots in my stomach knowing that this is how I felt.

"How do we awaken from the numbness of dulled-down existence to even notice our thoughts, much less direct them?"

For me I love the way the book is gently written, it's friendly, down to earth and made me feel at ease.  The author guides you through the chapters but not in a 'you need to do this' way but in a soft, helpful, interactive way to help you get your very own personal abundance triggers, just for you.  Kanta shares her knowledge, techniques, short stories of past clients, drawings and quotes to aid the process and she also shares her own tragic childhood experiences and life challenges to show how she began.  

The difference with this powerful self help book is that you are left with your own very personal 'Gratitude Journal' that can be used at any minute of any day, full of the abundance triggers that you, with the guidance of Kanta, have realized work for you and written down.

This was something that I knew I wanted to complete properly, I wanted to take my time and when I came across a question that I couldn't think of the right meaningful answer I waited, I didn't allow myself to move on until I knew I had reached the true answer which I knew was right just by 'that feeling' which really only took me a few minutes.   There's no need to rush, the answers will come.

After reading examples of visualization techniques asking me to write my own caused me initial panic, I'd never done anything like that before but you know I thoroughly enjoyed it and once I started to write the words just came.  Tapping was another technique I have always wanted to have a go at and following Kanta's instructions I was amazed at the results.  I'd seen this previously on television and the effects it had on people and I could feel the difference.  One word of warning regarding Tapping, don't overdo it at the start remember that the bad energy has to be released somehow!

Honestly, without any hesitation, anybody anywhere will see and feel true benefit working through the book with Kanta.  You may even feel an overwhelming feeling of joy inside as I did after working through parts of the book.  If you really want to feel real happiness and be truly happy from now on this is a must try to get you well on the path.  I will re-read and re-read and will be keeping my 'Gratitude Journal' close by at all times.

Thank you Kanta for making such a difference and I only hope I continue feeling like I do right now. x

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