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Morlanos - James Pardew, Marshall Best

The third book in an excellent series and again the authors understanding and research into the myths and legends add excitement and interest to the story.

Having destroyed the Fomori in England, to eradicate them fully and stop them coming back, Morlanos has to cross the sea to Ireland.  Taking with him the Cruthin people to establish their own settlements.

In pursuit of this venture he comes across even more dangerous creatures and has to call upon help from the gods.

The writer totally enthralls and absorbs the reader into a time gone by and again you feel you are there fighting and wanting to warn Morlanos of the danger he is facing.

Anyone who is interested in legends and has an vivid imagination and believes strange creatures and magic (or the belief that wizards/witches existed) governed the thoughts of the people and their lifestyles will find this an excellent read.

The fable is easily followed and the hidden messages you can pick up from the gods and their beliefs is one for the peruser to interpret for themselves.

The references at the end of the book to the language used is excellent and again shows the amount of time and care the writer has taken in producing another great book and can be read by all ages.

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