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Inis Emain Ablach: 4 (The Chronicles of Guiamo Durmius Stolo) - Marshall Best

The fourth instalment in an excellent series which I totally enjoyed, praise to the author.

The author springs yet more surprises and again shows expert research and intense historic knowledge.

Our hero is now facing even more challenges, both from the creatures that want to destroy him and the jealousy from the Druids which could ultimately damage his reputation.

The real challenge for him is when he finds 4 volumes of ancient writing and in his quest to decipher them he realises that  the teachings could have a massive impact on the life's of everyone and then discovers the treasures of Cichol.

The author brings all the previous books together in an excellent manner, the story is not as exciting as the last three but is much more philosophic especially when Guiamo is transcribing the lost volumes and gives us a different view point to Genesis from the bible.

The writer is always making the reader believe they are along side the characters with his descriptive writing style and enjoyable mythical creatures and the challenges from the gods.

A superb series of books which will appeal  to anyone who has an interest in mythology with a lot of twists and turns which add flavour and substance. 

I always enjoy novels when an author has taken care and really believes in what he is writing about and this shines through in an abundance in all of his stories.

This series of books will enchant and enthral readers across all ages and make excellent reading for a bedtime story to create magical dreams.

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