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Loving Emmi: How Baby Morgan The Broken Jaw Puppy Stole Our Hearts And Our Wallet (Dog-Ma) (Volume 2) - Barbara Boswell Brunner, Katie O'Brian Robles, Melissa Tan
Loving Emmi: How Baby Morgan The Broken Jaw Puppy Stole Our Hearts And Our Wallet (Dog-Ma Book 2) by Author Barbara Boswell Brunner
"This is a heartwarming tale of the resilience of a dog to overcome multiple disabilities and the efforts of the owners and their internet friends to pay for multiple operations." reviews Miki's Hope
"This is a heartfelt true story of how Emmi, an injured Rottweiler pup, came into the author’s life, and the ups and downs that ensued. Reading the story of Emmi had me laughing and crying along with the author." reviews Julie Geter Baswell
Book Description
And the Dog-Ma saga continues...
In this highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling Dog-Ma, The Zen of Slobber, Izzy, the feisty and ferocious terrier, has lost her eyesight. Following on the heels of this devastating loss, her arch-rival Morgan - a gentle giant of a Rottweiler - suddenly succumbs to cancer. Finding herself a lonely-only, it's not long before Izzy finds herself nose-to-nose with her humans' new pet project: a foster Rottie pup also named Morgan. Quickly renamed Emmi to avoid confusion (and the wrath of Izzy,) it was to be the beginning of a journey unlike any other.
Severely injured as a newborn, Emmi—affectionately known to her fast-growing online fan base as Baby Morgan the Broken Jaw Puppy—is hanging onto life by a thread. Living with a crushed jaw that has left her unable to open her mouth to eat or drink, the prognosis is grim. Baby Morgan is starving to death. Having rescued her from a horrific life, her parents spring into all-out desperation mode to find her the best lifesaving medical care. Despite the advice of veterinary professionals to euthanize, her parents are determined to save her at all costs. Taking to the Internet, they rally a huge online community of dog lovers who quickly become their second family. It does not take long for Emmi's sheer determination and ferocious will to live to take hold.
This is Emmi's miracle. A story of hope, inspiration and triumph in the face of adversity.
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Source: http://www.mikishope.com/2016/04/50-amazonpp-ww-loving-emmi-dog-ma.html