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Go Clean, Sexy You: A Seasonal Guide to Detoxing and Staying Healthy - Lisa Consiglio Ryan
Our Beck Valley Books review of Go Clean, Sexy You: A Seasonal Guide to Detoxing and Staying Healthy by Lisa Consiglio Ryan Whole Health Designs 'has literally thought of everything you could possibly want to know in order to complete a successful detox'
"Having been completely won over after both hubbie and I had read and followed Lisa's detox plan from her previous book 'Renewal Anytime 10 day detox' I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. Her knowledge and attention to detail, as well as the delicious recipes, made our very first detox so much easier than expected.
This time in Go Clean, Sexy You she has completely designed the detox and recipes around each season, giving you a choice of 4 detox plans and recipes to follow. The 'in season' fruit and vegetables also make for an easy shop and are actually what you want to eat at that time of year. I love the way the detox works with the seasons for what your body needs at different times of the year too. If you have the paperback version, it is absolutely lush with stunning images and it is so much easier to use.
Lisa has a really friendly and simple approach that put's you totally at ease as she guides you through the book and she fills you with confidence even before you think of starting the detox. She has literally thought of everything you could possibly want to know in order to complete a successful detox. First she explains the facts behind a detox and why it's not all about the food you eat, she offers practical advice, for each seasonal detox she gives you the menu plans, shopping lists, recipes and it doesn't end there! When you complete your detox she has even included a 'Return to Life' section filled with more delicious recipes and advice to see you continue on the right path and have no excuse of going back to your old ways. Although you don't have to start healthy eating 100% of the time, as Lisa believes in the the 80/20 approach, which sounds quite do-able to me.
In the book the dirty dozen food list was a real eye opener for me and will always continue to try and buy organic foods and I enjoyed learning from the ph chart and information. I also liked the simple menu plan layout which I have been referring to constantly.
We are half way into the Spring detox, which is focusing on the liver, the recipes have been quick to make, easy to follow, and we have not been hungry once. I'm loving some of the recipes so far and will definitely be having them once my detox ends. It's actually nice to be eating food that is naturally flavoured instead of eating what I call 'cardboard food' as well as knowing your going to be helping your own body and seeing the results. I say this with confidence because we had great results from the previous detox both with weight and health issues. Another bonus of doing another detox is that we now already have most of the larder products and vitamins (these are optional).
Now's the time to start your body on a healthy journey with confidence."
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