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The Handfasting - David   Burnett

A story of  beautiful true love that will make you smile as you read it, you will find yourself falling in love with characters of Steven and Katherine who show that true love wins throughout.  The author's soft and gentle writing was a pure pleasure to read.  The harrowing twist in the story was extremely suspenseful and every word was so easily believable due to the author's wonderful writing.

The story starts as the pair initially fall in love and perform the Handfasting ceremony themselves in an abandoned church in Scotland, which gives them both time to concentrate on building their careers yet knowing that they are still there for each other, they give themselves a whole ten years.  Within the church blooms a yellow rose bush planted by one of the monks and is now a symbol of both the Church and the town.
"Every time you see a yellow rose remember that I love you". Steven said to Katherine.

During this time they get on with their lives but deep down they both know that nobody can compare to their true love.  Katherine becomes a doctor and Steven becomes a curator of a art museum in New York.

Fast forward ten years and after a lot of searching Steven finally finds his love, Katherine, who is still just as much in love with him as he is with her.  There is just one problem, an unwanted admirer from Katherine's hometown, Bill Wilson, who is an arrogant, self centered and opinionated drunk with horrendous beliefs about woman who believes he has claimed Katherine and is set to marry her.  What happens next is horrifying.

Following Katherine's plight you feel her despair and I was on tender hooks with the uncertainty of how the story was going to end, the suspense was amazing and I actually read half the book in one afternoon.

A nice, light and friendly romance story with an unwanted admirer who stirs things up to the core.  An absolutely recommended read and I will certainly be reading more from this talented author.

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