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His Secret Life - Kim Cano
5* 'His Secret Life from +Kim Cano is a unique story, one I have not read before and I read a lot of books.' reviews +A Library of Reviews

"Philip is a gay man that keeps that side of him hidden. He works in the corporate world so he has to attend parties and such from time to time. Of course he pretends to be straight and hires women to pose as his girlfriend.This is where Emily comes in. Emily is his sister’s new roommate and she agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Things were going well until Emily started to have feelings for Philp. What is surprising though is that Philip has realized he’s starting to fall for Emily too. I guess it’s true that there is a soul mate out there for everyone. Straight or Gay there is someone for you and when you least expect it boom there they are!

This book is titled His Secret Life. It makes me wonder though which part is his secret life? The fact he’s gay and pretends to be straight? Or Gay but falls in love with a woman?

I love romance novels and this is a unique one to say the least."

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Source: http://ginaslibrary.info/his-secret-life