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Beautiful Secret - Dana Faletti
5* review on New Release BEAUTIFUL SECRET by Dana Faletti 'what a lovely book, loved it! I really think you all should read this--some but not all of it is tissue box worthy' reviews Miki's Hope
'This is the story of families-the good, the bad and the secrets that are held deep within them. Tatiana has lost both her parents, her marriage is a shambles and now her grandmother is dying. Tate as all call her has been told many stories of her grandmothers life before she came to America--but not all of it. On her death bed Tate's grandmother makes her promise to go visit her family in France and Italy. She hands her a package to deliver to a certain address--but will say no more. She assures Tate that her Aunt will be able to tell her more of the story.
She goes as her grandmother asked and is immediately enveloped by a loving family. Her aunt is able to tell her more but not all. She is still on a quest to find out about what went on back then. She is taken to disco's and the sea by her cousins and learns slowly to have fun. Of course there are lots of celebrations with lots of food!
But things have a way of happening-whether or not we want them to. Yes Tate finds out her grandmother's secret--and in the process ends up with a secret of her own. But they both had their memories and a gift that would last a lifetime.
The one word that comes to mind about this novel is Bittersweet. I really think you all should read this--some but not all of it is tissue box worthy.'
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Book Description
Set in the lush hills of the French Ardennes and the scorched mountains of Southern Italy, Beautiful Secret is a tale of family secrets, forbidden love, and unexpected blessings.
Maria’s story unfolds in 1940’s Italy, where family ties and tradition are of utmost importance. When Maria is seduced by her cousin's fiancé, she becomes pregnant, and the scandal destroys her family. Whisked away from her poor rural village of Tronca to a severe Catholic convent several mountain towns away, she gives birth to a son. Maria is under tremendous pressure to give her baby up for adoption. Against the odds, she manages to keep her child and then must find a way to get him back to the home and family that is his birth right.
Years later, after being forced to marry and emigrate to America, Maria is at the end of her life. As she lies on her deathbed in a Pittsburgh hospital, Maria shares her story with her beloved granddaughter, Tatiana.
Awash in her own marital troubles, Tatiana agrees to Maria’s dying wish – to travel to Europe and retrieve a package from an aunt she’s never met. When Tate journeys to the land of her ancestors, she fully expects to meet her long lost family and to lay eyes on the places that cultivated a spirit like her Nana Maria’s. What she doesn’t anticipate is falling into a forbidden love affair with a sexy French man who happens to be her distant cousin by marriage. Throughout her journey, Tate not only discovers a shocking secret that Nana Maria waited a lifetime to disclose, but she also finds that the trick to life doesn’t lie in the best laid plans but in how you react to the things you never expected.
Source: http://www.mikishope.com/2016/10/15-amazonpp-1-ww-beautiful-secret-dana.html