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Book Review - Between Heaven and Hell by David Burnett

Between Heaven and Hell - David  Burnett

The story began with a colorful array of descriptive text that could easily be imagined.  A meeting of the council of archangels, the hosts of Heaven, had been arranged to discuss a proposed new plan from Adonai, their leader.  Adonai's plan - 'The Plan of Creation' was for the creation of 'humans' who would live on 'earth', but unlike the archangels the 'humans' would be given the choice of choosing between good and evil without knowing the difference.  Lord Lucifer was strongly against this as he believed this would create an unruly, dangerous world, causing chaos and potential danger to the heavenly world.

A debate in the palace square had been arranged for everyone by Lord Lucifer and his team to take place before he sat with the coucil of archangels again to finally decide on Adonai's plan, knowing they would go ahead and approve it.  Yet the debate did not go to plan, or did it? Rocks were thrown, chaos begins and war starts!

Ramael, second in command in the army of Heaven, and Adryel, a secretary of the council, are paired and very much in love, yet they potentially see themselves on different sides of the debate due to loyalty. Adryel understands Lord Lucifer's logic but does not agree with his methods and finds herself at his side trying to persuade him to use peaceful alternatives, she also has some nagging doubts in her mind on his ulterior motives.  Little does she know that she is simply a pawn in his sly and calculated game for power.  An evil lie is told which changes Adryel's life and believes the rules have changed, seeing herself and Lord Lucifer's team banished to the burning pit of hell.  What will happen with the humans?  Who will win the war? Will Ramael and Adryel's love now end?

I was intrigued to read this story as it pulled away from the author's usual writing although it still had the underlying story of love and the walls they needed to climb to overcome the obstables in front of them.  The authors writing ability shone through as it always does and I found myself pulled into the story and the connecting to the characters.

A thoroughly interesting and enjoyable read from the author.  I had a huge smile on my face when I was reading the ending and found myself pondering on the lesson it taught.

Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/book-review-between-heaven-and-hell-by.html