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Book Review of Mr Thorne and the Witch by Diana Green

Mr. Thorne & the Witch (Secret Realms) - Diana Green

Our Beck Valley Books Blog Reviews of Mr Thorne and the Witch by Diana Green 'She is becoming one of my favorite authors. I love the way her stories flow'.........


This is the third book that I have read by Diana Green and I have to say that she is becoming one of my favorite authors.  I love the way her stories flow, the 19th century era they are set in, the way you find yourself bonding with the characters and feeling as if you are there watching the story play out. She entices me into a genre that that I don't often find myself reading.

Karene finds herself homeless, starved and alone in a strange city being hunted down by the Kilgores who are on a mission to kill her after killing the rest of her family she is the only one left, continuing generations of feuds between the two families.  Karene has magical powers but is afraid to use them to their full potential as doing so would make it easier for the Kilgores to track her down.

She comes across kind hearted Mr Thorne who helps her when no one would, he takes her in to his warm, secure home and offers her job as his assistant, not knowing the hidden powers she has or the real danger she is in.

Yet she finds out it isn't only the Kilgores she needs to hide herself and her magical powers from, as the town crime lord finds out her secret.  He blackmails her to keep her secret from the Kilgores, the town and Mr Thorne, giving her no choice but to accept, potentially putting her life at even more risk not knowing the dangerous world she may find herself in.

This was another easy, enjoyable read from Diana Green, connecting with the characters came easily and even found myself liking grumpy housekeeper Mrs Halloway!  I loved the ending and I cannot wait for more from the author so I can curl up with it and enjoy.


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Find the book on Amazon here - https://www.amazon.com/Mr-Thorne-Witch-Secret-Realms-ebook/dp/B01M0AKTCO


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