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Book Review - AFTER YOU'RE DEAD by Cary Allen Stone (A Jake Roberts Novel)

After You're Dead: A Jake Roberts Novel, Book 5 (The Jake Roberts Novels) (Volume 5) - Cary Allen Stone

Meet Jake Roberts, no nonsense ex policeman who runs his own security business and cannot help himself getting into trouble from past exploits.


Cary Allen Stone does it again, a masterpiece of fiction and will keep any reader engrossed and on their toes, I must admit he is one of my favourite authors and always look forward to his novels.

This time Jake has to tackle and rescue a friend’s wife from an evil drug lord and the adventure along with the thrills and spills is an amazing one.


The emotive writings are excellent and the tension that the author brings to a crescendo keeps the reader enthralled all the way to the end.  The characters and scenes are expertly described and you can imagine yourself being in the background observing. You also feel a very strong connection to Jake and will him on to succeed and survive.


This book can be read alone as Jake's past is described in the book so you know exactly what has been going on. 


Any detective loving reader will instantly fall in love with the novel and I cannot wait for the next one. (hurry please!)




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