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Swallowtail - Sheri Meshal

Sometimes you find a book that you connect to instantly even before reading the story, as soon as I saw the book cover and read the book description I knew that this was my type of book and I had to read it.  I had such high expectations that when the book arrived as well as being excited to start reading, I was also a little hesitant just incase.  The author has written an absolutely amazing heart warming story that actually allows the reader to be there feeling the emotions and sharing the experiences throughout the book.


The story follows a bank cashier called Claire, who's closest colleague Julia has ran away with three million dollars and due to their closeness most people assume Claire is also involved.  Claire is tragically killed leaving her husband and two children behind.  When she awakes she finds her cherished and loving Nana waiting for her on the other side and feels the warmth all around her.  There are many spiritual and life lessons that Claire must remember and learn under the guidance of Nana and her spiritual guides and she must weigh what she has lost against what she has gained.


I was drawn into the book immediately, the author has included so many different aspects to the story it really is a joy to read. Throughout the book I felt my heart pull at times and wanted to reach out to help Claire as she feels distraught, helpless and desperate to communicate, reading the poignant emotional attempts of contacting her family is extremely moving and touching as well as sometimes being quite humorous and yet I also felt joy and comfort as the story came together.


The soft, delicate and imaginative way the author describes certain things in the book is truly beautiful.  There are two small parts of the book in particular that I keep remembering that really took hold of me as if I was there in the story.  Claire is holding onto too much pain leaving her loved ones behind and still wanting to take part in their lives so she is taken to the tapestry of life by her guardian angel Cal.  Each life has a thread and each thread creates the tapestry of life, Claire is shown that by pulling threads, keeping hold of what has gone, can alter the affect of the whole tapestry.  The tapestry takes a hold of Clare and she fights against it until she can fight no more but then senses the warmth and safe feeling from it, all her negativity leaves her and she is free and blissful.  I was truly there with Claire at that moment as well as being able to imagine her spiritual guide Ahmaas theauthor describes herappearing waist deep in a meadow of voilet wildflowers.


This is quite a special book, filled with love and even thought provoking.  This book is now firmly in the top three of my all time favourite books that I will always treasure and I highly recommend this deeply moving and joyous book to you all.

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