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Shame ON You (An Ozzie Novak Thriller, Book 4) (Redemption Thriller Series 16) - John W. Mefford
Shame ON You (An Ozzie Novak Thriller, Book 4) by John W. Mefford | Author
"This case had twists and turns that have come to be expected out of a Mefford thriller – the kind you don’t expect. How everything wraps up and ties together had my head spinning. I would never have guessed it to fall into place the way it did. Definitely pick up Mefford’s latest – Shame ON You." reviews Nicki's Nook
"Their hunt takes them into the dark and dangerous world of drugs--where nobody ever tells the truth! In order for you to find out what really happened to the girl who disappeared 10 years ago you will have to read this fast moving and emotional novel!" reviews Miki's Hope
"Ozzie and Ivy have teamed up in the quest to find a missing girl. Ozzie and Ivy are unique characters on their own, but together, they’re unstoppable. I love their interaction and camaraderie. With Ozzie’s clumsiness and Ivy’s wild hair, I don’t want the Redemption series to ever end." reviews I Create Purty Thangs
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Two shattered lives bound by one haunting secret.
Chantel hasn't been the same since her sister went missing ten years ago. Ravaged by drug addiction ever since that fateful moment, Chantel vanished a month ago. Could the same kidnapper be involved?
Pulled into the investigation by his friend, Ivy Nash, Ozzie quickly learns the art of the addicted: deceit is a way of life.
Meanwhile, a high school reunion reminds Ozzie of the good old days, but some annoying personalities just haven't changed. Kate delivers a heart-wrenching song, honoring those who've died, in particular her cousin, a boy from Ozzie's class who made everyone smile -- and now, ten years later -- shed a tear.
The hunt for Chantel takes Ozzie and Ivy to the most dangerous places in Austin. A girl is bludgeoned to death -- they believe they have a key witness, but he slips away.
When Ozzie and Ivy finally get a clue from Chantel's feisty grandmother, what at first seems unthinkable could be reality. But there's far more to unraveling this bizarre set of events. Could this all circle back to his high school class?
Two girls connected to one tragic event. Years have passed…people have died, and more could follow. But there is one demented soul who shames those he was meant to save.
Will Ozzie be able to solve this twisted mystery and save the ones who've suffered the most?
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