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**** 0.99 SALE **** for romantic comedy.... The Long Journey Home by James J. Robinson, Jr.

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**** 0.99 SALE **** for romantic comedy....
The Long Journey Home (Johnson Family Legacy Book 3) by James J. Robinson, Jr. **A sexy rendezvous, a near suicide, a joyous homecoming**

"This book is jam packed with love, sex, family, addiction, mental health, heartbreak, joy, jealousy and new found friendship I can barely even begin to scratch the surface in this review without spoilers so please go and read this book! I devoured this story in one day and highly recommend this as a summer read for 2018! I was worried that by starting at book 3 of the Johnson Family Legacy series I would be lost and not know what was going on, this wasn't the case at all and this book can definitely be enjoyed as a stand alone novel." NorthernBird84 - Blog

"The message I took away was even at our lowest, we can always get back up, make changes and live happily ever after. It was definitely a true to life story – one that I have experienced different parts of and any human with a ‘normal’ (read: dysfunctional) family can relate to. This series is definitely a good read – in order – and easy to get lost in for a few moments when you need a break from reality!" - Life as Leels

Amazon US - https://www.amazon.com/dp/1546821511 
Amazon UK - https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1546821511 
Paperback - https://www.amazon.com/dp/1546821511 

The Johnson’s—Dr. Samuel Johnson, his wife Tabitha and Samuel’s parents, Maxine and Samuel, Sr.–have had a tumultuous four-day wedding trip that would destroy most families. Tabitha makes a fool of herself trying to get Samuel’s attention at the wedding but Samuel is too busy to notice. He is having a torrid liaison with Kat, the gorgeous maid of honor half his age. After missing their flight home, the family lays waste to the Savannah Airport: unearthing dark secrets, sharing unbelievable confessions, and turning their eight-hour layover into an episode of some sleazy talk show. But, as the third story begins, Samuel and Tabitha have taken a step in the right direction. They put a patch on their differences, eschew their trip back home to Pittsburgh, and enjoy a night of hot sex in a Savanah hotel that they’ve never enjoyed before in their marriage. Tragedy will strike Maxine as Senior’s heartless actions put her over the edge. But Tabitha and Samuel will attempt to pull the entire family together once and for all…for the Long Journey Home

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