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Book Review - Blownup in Paradise by Deborah Brown (Paradise Series Book 14)

Blownup in Paradise - Deborah Brown

If you have met our investigators before you are in for another rip roaring exciting ride through the trial and tribulations of their hectic lifestyle. If you have not experienced any of their previous exploits you are in for a real treat of humour, love and adventure.

Another crazy adventure for our favourite residents of Tarpon Cove, this time caught up in an explosion at a local dock yard leads our investigations down a path of peril. Alongside, trying to locate the perpetrator of the crime we again become embroiled in their complex life.

Praise for the author to keep the story line fresh and original, as well as creating new scenarios and characters which add credence and novelty to the plot. Again the text and language with the simplistic story line make for an easy read which keeps the reader enrapt.

Those readers who like to get to know characters in a series of storylines must read all of Deborah Brown's creations to fully appreciate what she has achieved in the Paradise series. Not many writers can keep story lines with the same characters interesting and having the reader wanting to have the next book on hand to enjoy straight away.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am a big fan of Deborah Brown,  you can enjoy these stories anywhere.

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