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Book Review - Psycho in Paradise by Deborah Brown

Psycho in Paradise - Deborah Brown
Another rip roaring ride in Tarpon Cove with the return of the eccentric occupants and our heroines Fab and Madison. No matter what they do, trouble follows with a vengeance. What do you do when your family becomes threatened from an unknown source? Obviously you defend it to the hilt. The strength factor of this novel is how close the relationships are between the lead characters and what lengths they will go to defend and prove the allegations made against them are false. Using her network on both sides of law, Madison has to prove her relation Brad is not guilty of killing his ex lover but the journey to find the truth takes her down a deep path that she is not prepared for. The one thing that shines through the story is the unrelenting love all the characters share and will do anything to protect each other.
You can never get bored of reading about the trials and tribulations of Madison and Fab as each story line is cleverly planned to keep the plot fresh and up to date. Deborah Brown has created a group of characters whose lives will live on in anyone who has read her books and always keeps the reader wanting more.
Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.com/2018/08/psycho-in-paradise-by-deborah-brown.html