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Book Review - Bayside Passions by Melissa Foster

Bayside Passions - Melissa Foster

A lovely, fun, opposites attract romance set in the beautiful world of Wellfleet with a circle of friends you will be longing to meet and hang out with all day long.

Emery has missed her best friend, Desiree, so much after she moved to Wellfleet.  On her last visit to see her she gets a taste of how different her own life could be and decides to pack up and move there too. Of course, while she was there she also met Dean who is an additional attractive temptation for change!  Since then they have become great friends 'virtually' but down to past issues she is adamant to stick to her 'no dating friends' rule and keep things simple.

Dean is such a lovable alpha male who has a heart of gold,  he is aware of Emery's rule but cannot deny his growing want for her. He would do anything for Emery and will patiently bide his time until the time comes that she feels she is ready.

Emery deep down really knows how she feels about Dean, but isn't ready to admit the love she has burning inside of her for him. If she let him in just a little, he could melt down her barriers even more.

Will the playful, borderline friends to lovers make the step they both crave as they both start to fall hard for each other? That's the big question, but we all know that the Bayside gang will be there to give them a helping hand, if needed.

Great characters include Violet who usually speaks first and thinks later, she certainly isn't scared to say things how the really are.  The oldies gang that Emery treats as a yoga teacher are a hoot.

Reading Bayside Passions leaves you with a huge smile on your face and a pulling of the heart.

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