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Book Review - Wicked Whiskey Love by Melissa Foster

Wicked Whiskey Love - Melissa Foster
Book Review - Wicked Whiskey Love by Melissa Foster
What can I say? Another Whiskey story deliciously created by the author for readers to devour. As you open the book it's like walking in to a shower of love and safety. You feel the full force of The Whiskey / Dark Knights caring protection, loyalty, and honor. Where each person is family regardless of bloodlines or their past. You will also find it very hard not to get completely broody in this one with the lovable biker toddlers in tow.
Pregnant single mom Sarah, has been a survivor from an early age, hurt by the past she doesn't expect a lot out of life. Being loved, cared for, having friends and a community is completely alien to her, yet here she finds herself still not believing she is there or deserving of any of it. Can she finally feel that she truly belongs, and will she be finally be able to experience true happiness without feeling constant fear behind everything?
Adorable Doctor Bones is determined to break down Sarah's barriers, to slowly gain her trust, so he can truly share his feelings with her, love her like she truly deserves to be loved. As he becomes accepted by her little family will her past prevent the future he can see them having together?
This was such a touching story, warming, emotional and Whiskey hot, just as I like it! I loved how the author turned a negative in to a way that it could help others too.
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