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Book Review - Money or Men by David Burnett

Money or Men - David  Burnett

As usually David Burnett connects the reader easily in to the story and it's characters. Erin and Chris haven't been together for years, their two young girls live with Erin, and they haven't seen Chris since the divorce.  Erin is driven by her passion of work and the wealth it will eventually bring as she rises higher on the ladder of success. She was never content with her life in the suburbs which is one of the main reasons for divorce as she felt that Chris had little motivation to achieve more in life than he already had.

Erin's dream finally becomes reality as she gets the promotion she so desires but it comes with a huge problem, the work will take up all her days and nights and will leave her no time for her children who are due to be off for the summer holidays.  Having no where else to turn she reluctantly turns to Chris for help, but worries about the two of them connecting after all this time and how each other will respond and the feelings it might bring to the surface.

The author takes us through their journey which is full of deliberations, second thoughts, miscommunications and deep hidden love, which has you wondering if either will open up to each other. There are times to smile through the story and times of suspense as the story takes a twist.




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