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Book Review - Killer Lawyer (Jake Wolfe Book 3) by Mark Nolan

Killer Lawyer (Jake Wolfe #3) - Mark Nolan

Now our hero has qualified as a lawyer and wants to live on the right side of the law his past misdemeanors catch up with him and he has to pay back a favor which causes him a conflict of issue.


With his loyal dog beside him to protect, serve and be his extra pair of eyes and ears we are taken on a ride through corruption, murder and being hunted. Mark Nolan has created another exciting story line and cleverly creates new twists and turns to keep the novel fresh and enthralling.


How do you hunt down a serial killer and work out what his motive is without any clues or ideas. Using his knowledge and expert descriptive writing the author brings all the characters to life with believable traits and scenes.  


Mark Nolan has created a brilliant duo and the real beauty of this script is the the total honesty and trust between Man and his dog. It is amazing when reading this book you will see traits of Cody in your canine and wonder if it is possible to train your dog to Cody standards.  


Even though this is a serious thriller and a real page turner there is well written humorous parts between owner and dog. On top of caring for his loyal companion, Jake has a complicated love life and the only thing he wants to do his protect his loved ones.     

Will Jake and Cody find the serial killer in time to save their own skins?.


If you like a thriller with lots of excitement, twist and turns as well as loyalty between human and animal then this is the perfect book for you.