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Book Review - Taming My Whiskey by Melissa Foster

Taming My Whiskey (The Whiskeys: Dark Knights at Peaceful Harbor #6) - Melissa Foster

It's Dixie's turn to get her man! Dixie's story was bound to be explosive as she finally makes her stand against those loving yet very protective biker brothers we all love. I've been looking forward to reading her story so much knowing it would take an exceptionally strong man to stand up to her brothers, and when he did I was like HELLO JACE STONE! I was literally holding my breath as the stand off between Jace and a certain Whiskey brother played out. Jace has totally exceeded all my expectations.


He initially sets out to persuade Dixie to be the face of his high class motorcycle brand, knowing that no one else could come close to the stunning biker chic that has played on his mind for years, but she's having none of it. The fun starts at the bachelor charity auction, especially when our feisty biker decides that she's also going to take part. I couldn't wait to see the reaction of her brothers when she appeared on stage! In between some hilarious moments. As soon as she takes the first steps of breaking the protective chains, she has her sights set for the man she's been fantasizing about for years, Jace, and goes ahead and agrees to help him out.


Dixie and Jace are both such strong characters, after closing off their fantasies about each other for so long the flirtatious games begin. Their electrifying heat literally burns the pages as you read and it's not only Dixie's temperature that was spiked by Jake Stone, and that's before they even get together!


They share so many tender moments together as they continue to get closer, yet knowing it will only ever be a temporary thing. As a reader you will be right there along with them, feeling their apprehension, the fun moments, their heartaches, the excitement, their off the scales heat.


I loved how Jace discovered his new feelings and tried to ignore them, as if that was even possible. Then you had Dixie pretending she was ok with a temporary hook up. Both kidding themselves, trying to ignore the deep feelings of belonging together. Fighting against their own feelings was so realistic I was on tender hooks wondering if this could be the one Melissa Foster story that doesn't end in a true happily ever after!


I laughed, I swooned, I cherished this amazing story, I was transfixed, but beware you may need a pulse check throughout this one! Totally awesome!

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