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Book Review - San Diego Dead: An Action Thriller by Mark Nolan (Jake Wolfe Book 4)

San Diego Dead: An Action Thriller (Jake Wolfe Book 4)  - Mark Nolan

Another rip roaring and exciting ride with our intrepid do-gooders of Jake Wolfe and his canine companion Cody. How can Jake and Cody keep fighting the bad guys but also maintain his love life and build on his relationship without damaging it? He has to call upon all of his resources and friends to try and bring down a criminal cartel and find out who has killed one of his friends.


The author uses excellent descriptive scenes and characters to bring them to life. He draws the reader into Jake’s life and you feel you are in the background experiencing all of his emotions and actions. The novel shows how strong bonds are between ex-serviceman and how much trust they have in each other and will turn to that source when the experience difficulty or problems.

I think there is a good film franchise in this series of books as both characters will appeal to fans of Jack Reacher or James Bonds as well as animal lovers who will adore and see traits of their dog in Cody. The part Cody plays in this story is immense and demonstrates the obedience, training and following of instructions is built on the bond of trust between canine and master.


Another adventure with our hero and canine which will leave the reader waiting for the next novel in the series.



Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.com/2019/12/san-diego-dead-action-thriller-by-mark.html