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Book Review - The River Jewel: A Letter Series Novella by Kathleen Shoop

The River Jewel: A Letter Series Novella - Kathleen Shoop

I've got to begin my review by saying how beautiful the start of this story was, it's one of the most loveliest introductions I've read in a long time, I was completely there on that woodsy path smelling the honeysuckle in 1875 Des Moines!!


Tilly is happy with her lot in life, apart from the loss of her parents. She happily carries on with the family traditions on the families small plot of land near the cove where she lovingly looks after her mussel beds surrounding the area. She spends the rest of her time creating beautiful hand crafted items her neighbours buy.


Landon's had a privileged yet lonely life as he continually finds himself reaching out to his parents for love but they define love as money and success in business. He leaves to to prove himself to them and finally make them proud, but his one big idea may ruin Tilly's idyllic life forever.


This was such a touching story, as business versus unexpected love, and the closeness of communities as they help each other in times of need. Cannot wait to follow their story!

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