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Slave Graves - Thomas Hollyday

A novel revolving around greed and secrets when Dr Light is sent by his University to Maryland to investigate an archaeology site to see if any historic relics of importance are there before a new bridge is built.

When he arrives he finds he is under pressure from the local bigwig, who is also offering the university future funding, he wants the dig to be completed quickly and quietly so he can make his money.  As the dig gets underway the Dr's views are challenged and changed as he speaks to the locals and he receives threats as well as attempts on his life.

The story in this book is one close to my heart the fact that a lot of sites or places with historic importance are being lost for future generations to enjoy and are being turned into concrete jungles.Without the full facts being relayed to the general public.

The story is well written in easy language with excellent descriptions of both the characters and the emotions they carry and what drives them to achieve their goals.

As discoveries of importance are uncovered this puts the development in doubt and having spoken to local inhabitants he realises how important this is to their past and his respect grows for the site to be left as it is.  This action brings about a big change in the way he now thinks and cares .

The authors books are all based around one area and the research and historic content of his novels shine through and add life to the stories. With this in mind and as I have read more of  the authors work they have grown in stature and impressed me more and more and I look forward to more of his work.  I would recommend this author to any reader.

Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/book-review-myths-of-modern-man-by.html