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Code Blood

Code Blood - Kurt Kamm A turn paging enthralling story - the characters and places portrayed by the author give the reader a perfect picture and you can imagine yourself in the background observing and following the main characters. A rookie fire paramedic on a shout is horrified to find a victims severed foot has disappeared, but who has taken it and who would want it? This is a mystery he cannot let go of and will pursue all avenues to solve. The thief is an albino goth who has a strange fetish and obsessions, he gets drawn into the Russian underworld to feed his fetish habits, which he then has to find ways of making money to pay them or lose his life. Working in a research lab, the goth finds a way he could pay the Russians back after discovering a Chinese student has a very rare blood type, which his fellow goths, who have a taste for human blood, would buy. Will the paramedic solve his mystery before the goth gets his blood? Will the goth survive or die? This story had me hooked from page one and I found it really hard to put down. The author has kept the storyline simple which means the reader can get to grips with what makes each character tick and their reasons for pursuing their own individual goals. I would strongly recommend this book to all readers who enjoy a really good thriller.