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The Prophet (The New Brotherhood)

The Prophet (The New Brotherhood) - K.J. Dahlen The author takes us on a page turning thriller. Investigation into the trials and tribulations of the FBI as they try and not only locate but also apprehend a serial killer only known as The Prophet. The Prophet holds meetings in secluded areas and picks a chosen one, the chosen one is always found dead. He cons his followers into giving him money and then absconds leaving no trace. The two FBI agents who are pursuing him both have hidden agenda's in capturing him. Rheta's reason is that he killed her sister three years ago, but Sean's reason is hidden and only comes to light when Rheta has doubts about him. They get a tip off and this information leads onto a trail of destruction, death and corruption. The Prophet has declared war on Rheta and Sean for their meddling, can he destroy them before they destroy him? The characters portrayed are vividly described and the emotion the reader feels in wanting the killer to be caught and brought to justice is first class. The storyline is easily followed and text is pleasing to the eye, the chapters are broken down into small passages giving the reader time to digest and taken on board what has happened, which I really liked. This novel was right up my street, a good thriller with a great storyline based around a few characters, thus making the plot uncomplicated. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers