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The Wellbeing Revolution

The Wellbeing Revolution - James McWhinney The book captivated my attention from the start. Although the author truthfully told of his colourful past it was encouraging how he totally turned his life around. As this was early in the book you automatically engaged with him as most of us have in our lives done things which we are ashamed of or have someone in our close families that have gone off the straight and narrow. The book explains in great depth how we must look at the bigger picture in our lives and explains that had we not done things wrong then we couldn't move on and turn things round to better ourselves. The author also makes you sit up and really think about your life, your work and your ambitions. Whilst reading the book you realise that you CAN change situations and you do not have to put up with the same mundane things. He encourages you to look at the positive things in life rather than the negative. The book also goes in depth about the universal energy and really makes you notice things that you wouldn't normally ie how day changes to night, how the seasons change plants, flowers, trees and the weather. Most of us take for granted these things, that they are just there and they just happened, but the author makes you really think 'how do they happen' and 'why'. The book, even when finished, makes you more aware of life around you and how it changes so quickly. After reading it you do think more of what you are doing and why. I would definitely recommend reading this book.