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Desert Journey

Desert Journey - Jerry Burgener Absolutely loved this book, I was completely hooked from the start and found it extremely difficult to put down. This is one of them books you just do not want to end, WOW! Such an easy flowing read and one mans quest to find true happiness and his true self is utterly believable. On a horse trek around Spiritual Mountain Jerry is gently guided by the hands of fate to an encounter with a wise old Indian named Tom unbeknownst to Jerry, Tom is his spiritual friend from many past lives and his spiritual mentor on his life's journey, they have shared many lifetimes together and made an agreement a long time ago to find each other to help reach their fullest potential. As they sit overlooking the valley Jerry is asked what his most important goals in life are, his reply is to be happy and to learn what it is that he needs to know from this lifetime. The answer is very simple 'To be in the Moment', Tom replies. Tom agrees to teach Jerry only on the condition that he writes all about what all they have talked about in their many times together for people to enjoy and learn from. The only drawback to the book is that you can not actually sit on the edge of the mountain with them to share the wonders and solitude of the valley although the book describes it so very well you almost feel as if you are there yourself. Tom begins to teach Jerry the spiritual lessons he requires, these are very clear and gives the reader a great awareness to life's real important lessons, extremely clever story writing by the author. I could write an absolute page upon page but some of the points are that your own perspective on an identical situation can change it from a negative to positive everything happens in life for a reason and for lessons to be learnt, we should take a step back from life events and look at the wider picture from our past and present lifetimes realizing that each event is another opportunity and isn't as important as we think - some people come into our life for a purpose and once that is met they may go on to other things. Also that fear leads to negative feelings and therefore what you are actually thinking about you can bring about, when our emotions are high the signals we send to others make them easier to be picked up and influence their behavior towards ourselves. One sentence that made me think was that when someone acts in a way that irritates us it is usually because we have it in common but are unable to see it in ourselves, I'm going to have to remember this for the next time it happens. A fantastic story in its own right with self discovering special messages to be read and learnt. This is one book that I could and probably will read again and again. I cannot rate this book highly enough, loved it !!