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GPS Your Best Life (SUCESS STRATEGIES): Charting Your Destination and Getting There in Style - Hammond Charmaine;Kasowski Debra

Receiving GPS Your Best Life tcouldn't have come at a better time for myself, since the New Year I have been battling with what I really want my life to look like against what it currently looks like and basically I haven't gone any further.  I know deep down what I want and what I think I need to do but other things seem too important and lack of time does not help.

The book helps you determine what you really want in your own life and where you are currently in relation to this and helps you plot the best route possible.  Life certainly isn't perfect and deciding on working on your goals isn't going to be straightforward but it helps you work around problems, not letting excuses get in the way.

Going through the different questionnaires and tasks made me realise that I need to change but am scared to do so.  The GPS Checkup questionnaire was spot on showing that I know what I need/want but am struggling with the how to.  The most important chapter for me and the biggest eye-opener was 'Clearing Your Windshield and Seeing The Road Ahead'.  How can you possibly begin a new journey if you cannot even see through the windscreen, you need to clear the screen from bugs and dirt which relate to clutter in your life, living in the past, avoidance, not been able to say no and doing too many things at once BUT it doesn't have to be completely clean to begin the journey.  This is where I was getting stuck and by using the techniques to break things down it really isn't as daunting as I was allowing myself to think.  I need to keep it realistic in simple steps and keep focused with prompts to help, it will take quite some time but I am determined that I will get there.

The whole terminology throughout the book referring to you as the driver with your internal GPS helping you navigate through challenges and towards goals really makes sense and makes it easier to understand as you go through the different chapters.  The book also includes many real life examples which seem to add extra clarification to the subject.  Each chapter is summarised at the end with 'Road Rules to Live By' and 'Mapping Your Way'.

To fully reach your true destination you will need the willingness and motivation so you can focus on putting your plan into action and not be afraid of asking for support.  I've read quite a few self help books in the past and this one is definitely the most user friendly and one of the easiest ones to understand, it gives you the feeling that you can actually achieve your true life destination.

Reading the book once will not be enough, I think this is a great book to keep close at hand to refer to when you need it as you progress forwards and is what I will certainly be doing.

Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/book-review-myths-of-modern-man-by.html