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Remnant - Roland Allnach A book that will be loved not only by science fiction / fantasy fans but, I believe, fans of mystery will also enjoy the suspense and twists of the read. The writer has a unique, creative and a highly imaginative mind which brings the stories so to life. Very easy to get into the mind set of the main characters. For myself I found that the stories jumped around a little too much, which at times did get confusing but as I read on I'm not sure if it was because I was getting used to the authors way of writing or not but it did become easier to read. Although the first story felt at times a little too extended the main characters of Stokho and Pallia had me engrossed. The guilt Stokho harboured due to his war crimes and the struggle and turmoil he then went through both in space and planetside in the 'Hermium europhia' was immense. What was real and what was an illusion? I would describe the story as part science fiction and part war crimes with plenty of twists. The other two stories were again action packed both continuing with twists and turns as you read them. 'Enemy, I know not you,' again had had the war theme but the third 'Remnant' I enjoyed most out of the two of them, purely down to it being my type of story, all about a devastating plague and the survival that follows. If you like a full on story that is a challenging read and thought provoking then this is the book for you.