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Enlightenment for Nitwits: The Complete Guide to 2012 & Beyond!

Enlightenment for Nitwits: The Complete Guide to 2012 & Beyond! - Shepherd Hoodwin A very humorous and satirical look at the way different people believe in their way to find enlightenment and make their life a better one. The author splits the book into cleverly written chapters dealing with main concepts of life and how each stage or function of your growth can be changed by having a more light hearted approach to each situation that arises. You gain the idea as your reading, that in order to attain enlightenment you have to look at how seriously you take yourself, if you take yourself too seriously you wouldn't be able to relax around others and enjoy life more. The examples used in the chapter are not conventional and could cause offense to some quarters, but having a broad mind and fully understanding 'the teachings' and where the author is coming from, I really enjoyed the humour and the point or moral of the story. The openness and forwardness of the author in his beliefs and opinions make this book a refreshing one to read, in the current climate where political correctness is rife, it is good for someone to challenge these issues with well constructed reasoning. In being controversial in his writings you are challenged in your beliefs and as he then goes on to explain his logic about that particular view, you find yourself doubting your original belief. This book will not appeal to every reader due to some of the examples and views expressed, you have to have a very flexible mind and be open to views that you may not have considered before. I really enjoyed this book and I don't know by laughing out loud at the humour in the book, if that is the road to enlightenment or it just lifted my spirit, or maybe after all I am just a nitwit !