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The Iris Covenant - Betty Byron, Cassius Mullen
A very intriguing and absolving novel, not only bringing two major countries into conflict but two families as well.

When his son is killed Buck Withers is insistent on finding his killer which brings him in contact with the Iris cooperation in Japan, whose leader is looking for revenge on the USA for past demeanours on his ancestors.

This novel is first rate based around the world of disposing toxic waste which could make millions.

The Americans have built a research facility in which the Japanese have planted a spy and whoever can find the solution first will be the world leaders.

The excitement and tension the author creates is excellent.  The characters are vividly described and you feel as if you are sharing their emotions and you are part of their team.

The author also starts you thinking about just how close are the major powers are to finding a solution to the disposal of toxic waste and due to the sensitivity of the subject, where are they dumping at the present time.

The writer cleverly entwines not only the conflict between the leader of the Iris cooperation and his hatred of the USA, but also the past history of Buck Withers and the Iris cooperation leaders dating back to World War 2.

I really enjoyed this novel which is the second one that I have read by this author.  The authors years of travel and knowledge of local traditions shines through and adds extra spice to the storyline.  Anyone who likes a fast paced story with twists and turns with an international flavour will absolutely love this book.

Source: http://beckvalleybooks.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/book-review-myths-of-modern-man-by.html