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The Witch's Salvation - Francesca Pelaccia

I enjoyed the whole aspect of the story, for me it reminded me of a grown up version of a fairy tale with a prince, a princess, a witch along with the myths and legends. I still think fondly back to the story now, long after finishing it.  Fantasy isn't my normal type of genre and this may be the reason why I felt that I had to concentrate while reading the story, keeping track of who was who and the events occurring, going backwards a number of times.

The author has done a tremendous job with the writing and planning of this story, the characters are so likable and the descriptive text gives you the full insight you need.

The story follows a clever and deceptive witch, trapped in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania for centuries due to greed and power struggles of others, she cursed two noble families who she believes robbed her of her humanity, one imprisoned to their homeland of Wallachia and the other exiled from it forever, both families were then made immortal apart from their last born, a prince and a princess.

The prince and princess are the key to release both their families from the curse and to help the witch on her mission but to do so and become immortal themselves they must enter the past to the dreaded battle on Easter Sunday that killed so many or the other option given is to marry which will remove the curse but they will stay mortal.  Neither want to marry, both are young and want to be independent and live their own lives but know what is at stake for their families.

The story follows their many adventures as they fight against a powerful prince and his men, their grandfather's centuries old battles for power, injustices and help the clan of people they meet along the way who were entrusted with a highly powerful legendary lost crown, golden cup and scepter and the stones that is believed to have the power of birth, life and death, wanted by the prince who will do anything to obtain them.

A highly imaginative story from the author that has plenty of good twists to the story as you learn the secrets to their past.

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