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Fair Disclosure: A Jillian Hillcrest Mystery - Joyce T Strand
My favourite type of book, a murder mystery with a very clever plot and with several suspects all with a motive to have killed. Even though this is the third book in the series and the first I have read the author gave you an explanation throughout the plot of what had happened in the previous two, so you knew exactly what was going on. 
The characters and situations that take place are excellently described and you feel that you are there in the background as a ghost figure observing the action unfold. The beauty of this book is the emotion you feel coming from the main character as you would yourself in her situation. also the love and care of those around her. 
The novel revolves around the world of insider trading and having found her prospective employer murdered and under pressure of her company being investigated makes for a really good read.  I'm really looking forward to reading more from this author.
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